What is a CNC Saw?

Have you ever wondered how we cut perfectly straight lines or holes for faucets and sinks in your new countertops? The Answer: A CNC Saw!

What is a CNC Saw? 

It’s not the music factory 😉

A CNC saw is a computer controlled saw that is programmed to map out and cut precise lines and intricate curves and shapes. Once we have the measurements for a countertop we need to cut, it is programmed into the CNC saw, which then cuts the stone to the exact specification that have been entered. At CNG Stone, we use the industries best CNC saw from Park Industries to ensure consistent and accurate cuts every time.  

Why Do We Love the Saber Jet?

There are a lot of reasons why CNG has chosen the Park Industries Saber Jet. The Saber Jet is a CNC saw that uses a fast and precise waterjet system along with an abrasive to cut intricate lines like countertop edges or holes for sinks and facets. The Saber Jet also has a diamond saw blade that is fast and efficient at cutting longer, straighter lines and 90 degree angles. Diamond is the hardest material on earth meaning it can cut through even the hardest of stones with ease, including quartzite, granite, marble, engineered quartz, and porcelain! When the diamond saw blade goes through solid rock, there is a lot of heat and ground stone particulate, a pair of nozzles spray a constant stream of water to keep the blade and the stone cool and wash away the stone dust from the cutting path.

This combination makes the production of stone countertops faster, more efficient and more accurate than ever before.

Check out our Saber Jet in Action! 

Here we are cutting out the pattern for a white quartz countertop. This saw can really cut anything! No matter how unique your countertop request, we have the tools and expertise to get it done and make it look awesome! 

Want to learn more? Stop by our showroom, we’d be glad to give you a tour of our fabrication facility so you can see this amazing machine and our talented stone fabricators in action.

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