Wascana Greens Kitchen Renovation

This Wascana Greens Kitchen got a stunning renovation with all new countertops, cabinets and a customized kitchen table! The contrast between the black granite and white cabinets turned this space into a bold and modern dream!

This granite countertop is called Brilliant Black and is the perfect way to make a statement in any kitchen! The kitchen island and countertops are both made from this distinctive black quartzite from Brazil. We love that it has a deep and rich tone with a gorgeous fluid pattern throughout and provides a sleek and modern look.

Another highlight of this kitchen design is the custom-made quartzite tabletop called White Macubas. This is a great alternative to marble and makes for a stunning and unique dining table. Overall, this Wascana Greens kitchen has been transformed into a timeless and elegant space that is perfect for entertaining!

Cabinets: Cougar Cabinets 

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