Linner Way Kitchen Transformation

With the help of our stunning Delicatus Extra granite, this Linner Way kitchen was completely transformed. Featuring stunning white cabinets from Cougar Cabinets, this kitchen design is bright, sleek and timeless. This project definitely makes our kitchen inspiration list!

This granite countertop is called Delicatus Extra and comes from Brazil. This slab is cream-white coloured with black features, sun yellow bursts and light gray quartz. Whether you are looking to use this slab for kitchen countertops, vanities or interior wall cladding, it will look stunning in any space.

We love how this whole kitchen design came together! The granite gives the perfect amount of colour for this white kitchen design and we love how it compliments the silver and wood accents throughout. Overall, this project transformed this kitchen into a stunning and elegant oasis.

Cabinets: Cougar Cabinets

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