Kiteen Collaboration

We recently had the pleasure of providing the stone and a sink for Kiteen Mainil’s kitchen renovation. It was a fairly small renovation, with only the countertops, backsplash and cabinet handles being replaced. However, small changes have a huge impact!

Starting In The Showroom

As usual, this journey starts in our showroom! Kiteen browsed through our slab yard and showroom to look for the perfect stone. And she found it! She chose LG Lumina Quartz for her brand-new countertops.

Renovation Day

Kiteen removed the backsplash herself, which made the process a lot easier. We sent our team out to take precise measurements so we could cut her countertops to the exact shape, and to ensure Kiteen’s old countertops didn’t have to be removed until the day before her new ones were installed. Her new granite sink and faucet from Bristol Sinks were installed too.

The Finished Product

We love the way the finished kitchen looks! The LG Lumina Quartz really breathes new life into this space. The quartz, in combination with the backsplash, provides a clean white space to contrast with the dark cabinets and modernized this room.


Sometimes, your kitchen just needs a refresh. The perfect way to do that is to get new countertops! Something as simple as a different countertop can really change the atmosphere of your entire kitchen. If you are thinking of breathing new life into your space, come down to our showroom (1431 Scarth Street) to get some inspiration and find the perfect stone.

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