Hummingbird Bay Renovation

Countertops, tabletop, hutch, this kitchen renovation has it all! From the classic look of Cancun Quartz by GS Quartz to the stunning cabinetry, this kitchen design perfectly encompasses a modern touch to a timeless interior.

This kitchen was asking for a stone that was simple and classic. Throughout the entire kitchen, our team installed Cancun Quartz. This stone features long grey veins with a hint of gold on a creamy white background and is a great choice for those looking for countertops with a subtle design. Aside from the countertops, Cancun Quartz was also installed for the spacious island. Not only is the island the main focal point in this kitchen, but it is also bound to be the center of all family gatherings and conversations!

Cancun Quartz by GS Quartz is such a luxurious stone that just installing it for countertops wasn’t enough! We added this stone to this tabletop to create the ideal space for all those morning coffees. Having a custom-made natural stone dining table adds luxury and elegance to your home. Not only are they durable and low maintenance, but they are also a breathtaking focal point for your home. Over the years, quartz tabletops have gained popularity due to their durability, range of colours, and ability to be custom fabricated to meet any kitchen style. This is definitely a trend that we can get behind!

Our team didn’t stop at the tabletop! We also installed Cancun Quartz on the hutch in the dining room. Matching the cabinetry throughout the kitchen, this hutch helped complete this renovation. Not only did this piece of furniture help create a timeless formal dining room, but the quartz added the perfect touch of modernity to the space.

From the island to the tabletop, this kitchen has it all. Getting to install stone for multiple areas in this kitchen really made this a fun project to be a part of. We may be biased but we think the more stone the better!

Ready to transform your kitchen? Visit our showroom to get started! From new countertops to a stunning custom dining table, our team can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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