Design Tip: Adding Stone to Your Bathroom

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Stone can be a great option for many areas of your home, including bathrooms and powder rooms! Stones like quartz and granite are durable, stain restraint, and have many qualities that make them a great addition to your newly renovated bathroom! Let’s talk about some of the places you can use stone in your space:

1. Countertops

Bathroom countertops go through a lot! Hot curling irons, bathroom products, shower steam, etc. It may even be used more than your kitchen counter! Quartz and granite are super durable and will resist damage from moisture, scratching, and etching, making them great for a highly used space. Doing your bathroom countertops in stone will also give your space a more luxurious look and feel. Bathrooms are typically smaller rooms, and they may not provide you a lot of space to add fancier furniture pieces, but the main counter in your bathroom is a great place to start if you want your space to feel more glamorous.

2. Shower Niches

What’s a shower niche you might be asking? A shower niche is a cubby hole in the wall of your shower that can be used to store products or decor. Whether you want to do the whole niche in stone or just the base, this is a great spot in your bathroom to add a luxurious stone detail to compliment your tile. A stone such as granite and quartz will also hold up well in the shower, will be easy to clean, and make your new shower feel more like a spa oasis.

3. Shower Shelves

Similar to shower niches, shower shelves are a great place to add stone detailing. At some point, everyone has had those plastic shelves that you attach to the base of the tub with a rod or that you hang over the showerhead, and let’s be honest, they aren’t the nicest to look at. Plus, there is always the fear that one day you’ll be in the shower and the shelves will come crashing down… The good news is the days of scary plastic shower shelves are behind you when you have beautiful stone shelves in your shower instead! Stone shower shelves are installed into the shower using a super-strong adhesive and are finished off with caulking. Trust us, these shelves will not move and can withstand the weight of and product you store on them in your shower.

4. Shower Bench

Want to take shower luxury to the next level? Add a stone shower bench! A shower bench provides a lot of convenience and style to your shower. Shower benches typically span the length of the shower, making them a prime spot to make a statement in your bathroom. What better way to make a statement than with beautiful quartz or granite? We can’t think of a better way!

5. Shower Curb And Threshold

Remember, it’s all in the details! While you may have a tiled shower, adding a stone to your shower threshold and shower curb to match your tile is a great way to make your space feel just a little fancier!

There are a lot of great reasons to put stone in your bathroom and a lot of great places to put it! One thing to remember when putting stone in your bathroom is that you should choose something durable, easy to clean, and that can stand up well to a lot of moisture. Quartz and granite are both suitable choices. However, if you’re considering marble you may want to opt for a marble-like quartz instead as marble tends to be more delicate and difficult to care for. But seriously, trust us, put stone in your bathroom! Your space will be transformed, and you’ll be left with a timeless and luxurious bathroom!

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