Calder Crescent Kitchen Transformation

No Kitchen is complete without a stunning stone countertop to finish off the space! Calder Crescents’ kitchen renovation is a dreamy, nature-inspired space that ended up being the perfect canvas for a clean white Quartz countertop!

Between the colourful cabinets, warm wood flooring, and light wood accents, there are a lot of stunning featured in this kitchen design. With this in mind, a sleek and clean white slab was exactly what the space called for to create balance and interest. In this kitchen, we used Bianco Carrara Quartz. Quartz is a great option for kitchens as it provides durability that many other types of countertops can’t offer without sacrificing beauty. This Bianco Carrara Quartz really does it all!

From a distance, this stunning slab may appear to be solid white, but close up you can see the subtle, dark, flecks and veining that give this stone dimension. Overall, the Bianco Carrara Quartz in this kitchen with eased edges will make for a timeless space that the homeowners will love for years to come!

Contractor: Collaborative Construction

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