5 Common Granite Misconceptions

Whether you are looking for the perfect kitchen countertop or vanity material, there are tons of options to choose from. Over the years, we have had many customers avoid certain stones because of huge misconceptions. Granite remains a very popular option for kitchen countertops, however, with the rise of less expensive options, we have noticed some misconceptions circulating about this stone. It is time to debunk some of these myths so that you have all the facts you need when choosing the best material for your next stone project.

Misconception #1: Granite is Expensive

Granite countertop sources were very limited in the past. This had an impact on the price of this stone. However, thankfully this has changed. With an ample supply of granite, this stone is more affordable and in line with other natural stones. If you take into account the lifespan of this stone and its low maintenance, it is a fairly inexpensive choice.

Misconception #2: Granite is Hard to Maintain

This is a huge misconception that we hear a lot. Many customers believe that there is more maintenance because granite is a natural stone. This is not the case. Granite is one of the hardest natural stones and is resistant to heat and scratches. To maintain the look of your granite, sealing it is important and contrary to what many believe, you do not have to reseal your granite very often. We use BulletProof Sealer for all our countertops, which can last 5 years or more! 

Misconception #3: Granite will Lose its Shine

Granite is a very hard material and everyday household activities will not dull its shine. With regular use, granite rarely shows wear and if it does a quick polish will have your countertops sparkling again.

Misconception #4: Granite is Radioactive

Many people still believe that granite still emits an unhealthy amount of radon, a radioactive gas. Although granite may contain natural elements like radium, it is not enough to cause harm.

Misconception #5: Granite is Indestructible

While granite is resistant to heat and scratches, it is still possible to get damaged. Using abrasive chemicals can cause scratches or something heavy hitting the surface can cause cracks or chips.

Granite is still a great option for your stone projects despite the myths that you may hear about this natural stone. If you want more information about our granite selection or other stone options visit us at 1431 Scarth Street.

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